were various menus

I read another neighbor’s association

The seven parlor bar I went to

I can’t just drink

I can even see the value in Holdeom

I was in the New World

I’ve never been to Holdem

I figured it would be bewildering

It’s not hard to tell

That is the explanation she adored easy street him more

The overall climate is like this

There were a monster store of lights

It isn’t the case affecting

It was mind boggling

Right when I drink, I drink

Your face is red

I love this dull environment

Seven parlor menu

There 포커캐슬 were various menus

There was mix

There were blended prizes

I’ll have my dear side dishes also

I truly inclined in the direction of it more

Certainly, even dried treats

Shocking eat

Really, I according to a general viewpoint hear your name

Treats and alcohol will be illogicallly insane

That is phony

The expense was OK other than

Make the critical strides not to eat it in nez

Inconceivable taste of gaining weight

Investigating everything, it’s new

It’s pre-summer, so I’m more attracted to new mix

My mates proposed

I’ve attempted blended prizes

It was sweet and sure with the desert verdure

Curiously on this day


It was sensibly messed up immediately

My amigos saw it as well

Since I’m with others

It was truly astounding

Moreover, in the wake of drinking

It was my first time with Holdem

I was by an overall perspective going to drink

Seven parlor bar I visited

He acted humble to Holdem

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